Wednesday, May 12, 2010


We had the honor to be part of Miss Anabel Lopez Quincetta last week ! A young girl from Seton High in the suburbs of Phoenix !  I thought it would be something that people who may not have ever heard of a Qunicetta or have been to one learn more about this Spanish culture or party that most young latin girls dream about growing  up !  A quince short for Quincetta is a party that is thrown when a young girl turns 15 and she celebrates coming of age or a coming out party ! There is a special mass usually in the catholic church that familiy and close friends will attend !  Sometimes the mass can be held outside a church but usually its held at the parish where the family attends !  Many traditions will pair up the girls with friends who are boys their age and they will dance a few custom dances ! More and more the Quinces are going away from this and just dancing to more popular music or what they like and not making it so complicated where they have to learn special dances ! Also the birthday girl usually wears a very formal dress that may resemble a wedding gown look or even sometimes they get more colorful and have the big round dress look at the bottom ! Anyway they are super fun and if you have a chance to attend one you should! Thanks ANABEL for allowing us to share in your special day !

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