Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wacky Wedding Guest - Think before you invite them most of them you have to invite

Ok so I saw this in a Bridal magazine from Dallas and I thought I would share with our brides and grooms ! There is always one person maybe two at a wedding who either drink to much , take off their clothes  ,yes I have seen that and just act plain crazy when they are at a wedding - Here are a few people you should think twice about before you invite

1. BridesMaids Weird Boyfriend -  You kind of have to since she bought the dress to be in your wedding even though you canht stand him - Anyone out there have this happening to them ?

2. Kooky  Wedding Planner - Put up with her its worth it and besides she your number one go to on your big day ! I hope you like her and the vendors you have hired like her !

3. Little Neice -  Hire Babay sitter and put her in the Bridal Suite when all the fun starts !

4. Fiance's Horny Ex - Frat Brother -  Sit him at a table with other single people or suggest that he bring a date so he doesn't offend any of your friends !

5. Cousin you Barely Know -  It will  go along way to make your family happy - Sit them at a table with family !

6. Wedding Hater - these chics are the ones who comments on everything you planned for your wedding and they think they know it all ! Also usually in a Love Rutt and sick of weddings !

7. Your Boss -  They decide your salary so you should invite them -

8. Drunk Uncle - This guest is usally the favorite one to watch - They have to be babysat all night and the family is usually shaking their heads as the night goes on !

Hope you find this funny and helpful - Its meant to  be - We love all of our guest at weddings - they make the event !

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