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BRIDE BLOG - Meet Kimberly & Michael

Kimberly is one of our destination brides who we are looking forward to meeting and celebrating with  Michael and her on their special day. 

Name Kimberly Sibley
Fiancé Name Michael Lopez
Wedding Date /Location April 27, 2013 / JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort & Spa

Engagement Date /Location June 2012 / GM Marriott Renaissance Center on the terrace of Forty Two Degrees North and went on the terrace

How you met your fiancé  Michael and I met three years ago when he and his sister, Linda came into the Fitness Gym I was working at on a Sunday to get membership pricing. I actually thought his sister was his wife and was not "checking him out"... 

Michael says he was drawn to me from the beginning. His sister Linda shares that at the end of our conversation when she announced that Michael was her brother that my eyes LIT UP! :) After spending about an hour convincing him to buy a membership for his nephew, we parted ways. 

Michael states "Unfortunately for my nephew and for selfish reasons, I started to anticipate my Sunday workouts just to go see Kimberly." He asked me to train his nephew (I think to get one-on-one conversations with me) and that committed us to seeing each other more times throughout the week. There was a pivotal day that we both recall... one that he was actually on the bench press and I was visiting with him (or acting like I could spot him - HA!).   The conversation leant itself to speak about our dreams, inspirations, and faith and we connected in a profound way that day!

Favorite Date Night with your fiancé?  My fiancé really is consistent with taking me to surprise dinner locations, he’ll ask me to get all “dolled up” and take me to a classy restaurant.   I don’t know if I have an all-time favorite because truly there has been many.  He is a gentleman with ordering for me at the table, surprising me with flowers, and his latest that he has done is to take me into Swarovski and having me try on different necklaces and earrings… then telling the associate to “ring it up”.  

What has been the best part of planning your wedding?  My fiancé has played a huge role in planning with me.  He has been very hands-on with the Ceremony & Reception layout, song choices, picking out gifts and favors, etc.  Another fun aspect has been ways of putting meaningful touches into the ceremony & reception… some known and some that will be a complete surprise for our guests.

What has been something you won’t miss about planning a wedding?  Spending money.  Our budget has popped and it will be nice to be done purchasing items and start saving and having “extra fun money” again!

 What tips would you give a fellow bride about starting the planning process?  Include your fiancé and don’t control the entire process.  Get creative with incorporating your heritage and traditions.  I used an online (free) website that was awesome with organization for the entire event.   which also let us customize a website for our guests and friends:

Wedding Colors/Stlye of Wedding Sunset colors:  Reds, Oranges and accented with Purple and Yellow.   We are having an outdoor ceremony with a live Monarch Butterfly release that our Guests will release individual butterflies as we exit from the ceremony.  We are also incorporating the “Butterfly” theme in our indoor Reception with Table Cards/escort cards, wedding favors, cake, etc.   The Monarch butterfly coordinates with our color-scheme which is a nice touch.

What is your something Borrowed?  Nothing borrowed. We really put our combined touches on everything and really don’t believe this is a MUST DO for us.

Specials Song you have to hear at your wedding?  Our last dance we decided was going to be Adam Sandler’s “Grow Old With You” (from the movie Wedding Singer).  Our first dance will be a choreographed Salsa routine that we have been working with a private instructor on for the big day. 

Chicken Dance –Yes or No No.  Our oldest sons are doing the CUPID SHUFFLE instead.

Where will you Honeymoon?  We have been relocated to Madison, Wisconsin for a project my fiancé is running.  So, no Honeymoon until the project is complete.  However, we will be heading to Milwaukee, WI (Corporate Headquarter of Harley) to purchase a new Harley Davidson instead though!!

 What Wedding Favors are you using?  Murano style glass butterfly bookmarks.  Each is unique and hand-crafted, enclosed in a nice white box and we customized color-coordinated favor tags that will be tied to each.

Any special props you plan to use for your photographer on your wedding day?  Butterflies, Live Mariachi Band, and Folklorico Dancers.   We are also doing a special wedding shoot on Monday morning at the Resort at 6am, poolside.  This will be just the Bride/Groom – morning Tucson sunrise and we will be dressed up (not in our wedding day attire, but other).  There is some dramatic positioning with the pool in front of the Resort we are utilizing.  Should be interesting!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013



Name  Sarah Walter
Fiancé Name Johnny Norberg
Wedding Date /Location 3/23/2013 Johnny’s dad’s home
Engagement Date /Location 12/23/2012 Johnny’s dad’s home

How you met your fiancé  We met when we were 3 yrs old.  We lived in the same apartment complex and our mom’s were friends.  I then moved and and so did Johnny.  We ended up going to elementary, middle and high school together but never had any classes together.  Then just over a year ago we re-connected on Facebook and have been together ever since.

What is your something Borrowed? I am told that it is a surprise, so I have no idea
Specials Song you have to hear at your wedding? I love the song I Loved Her First for the father/daughter dance

Chicken Dance –Yes or No   No

Any special props you plan to use for your photographer on your wedding day? His dad has a bar that people carve their names into.  I would like to get a picture of us carving our names and wedding date into the bar.

Wedding Colors/Stlye of Wedding Oasis and it is casual

Where will you Honeymoon? Yes.  We are going to Maui

What has been something you wont miss about planning a wedding?  Paying for everything LOL  I have really enjoyed planning everything and there isn’t really anything that I will miss.

What tips would you give a fellow bride about starting the planning process?  Be open to possibilities and be flexible with dates and times.  I always wanted to get married in a church, but I know that it meant a lot to my fiancée and his dad if we could have the ceremony and reception and his house.  I was a little concerned with a backyard wedding and how it may turn out, but after seeing another wedding that they held at the house, I fell in love with the idea. 

Favorite Date Night with your fiancé? Honestly, at home relaxing with a good movie after cooking a nice dinner.  We don’t have too many nights where we get to relax at home so those are my favorite.

What has been the best part of planning your wedding? Having our friends and family involved.  It has brought everyone a lot closer.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


We are so very happy and honored that AZ CELEBRITY DJ  has won this prestigious award given to less than 5% of the top wedding professionals in the nation. Thank You to our wonderful team and clients who make everyday a pleasure!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Meet  Katelyn Edmonds & her fiance David Fukayama who will be saying IDO on 
11/11/12 at Troon North in Scottsdale in just a few months. Our Senior Entertainer 
Joe Matras will be the DJ/ Emcee for their special day and is looking forward to celebrating with the happy couple.  Just a few things we like to share about our brides planning experience and what she is doing with her wedding - 

 So how did  you meet your fiancé: Dave and I met at ASU right after I got out of the hospital from a broken leg surgery!

Favorite Date Night with your fiancé? We are like an old couple- bring on the BINGO!

What has been the best part of planning your wedding?

Planning and creating. I love to be crafty, so finding ideas and making them come to life has been a lot of fun. I’ve tackled a lot of projects that I didn’t think I’d be able to do.

What has been something you wont miss about planning a wedding?

Guest List was probably the hardest part- that and finding a venue. We took six months to decide on a venue.

What tips would you give a fellow bride about starting the planning process?

Figure out your venue before worrying about everything else- you can’t really book vendors without a date! Make sure you do a thorough job looking too- there are so many in the Phoenix area- and for spending the amount of money that a wedding costs- it better be a venue that you LOVE 

Wedding Colors/Stlye of Wedding
Our wedding colors are Red and Grey and we are going with a romantic themed wedding- lots of lace incorporated as well as fun DIY projects.

Where will you Honeymoon?
Jamaica, Mon! Montego Bay. My grandmother is a travel agent, so she was able to get us all set up! We can’t wait!

10 Questions – These our some fun questions 

Wedding Cake or Cupcakes or Candy Bar
Wedding cake- from Piece of Cake! They are an amazing cake vendor!!

What Wedding Favors are you using?
We are going to be doing double box truffles…!

What is your something Borrowed?

Specials Song you have to hear at your wedding?
You and Me Together is our first dance- other songs we want to hear are “We Are Family”, “Brown Eyed Girl” and “No Ordinary Girl”.

Chicken Dance –Yes or No

Any special props you plan to use for your photographer on your wedding day?
Yes! Lots of DIY ones, Parasols, and even our bridal party gifts (boys) can be used as fun wedding props!

We are looking forward to your fabulous and special day  David & Katelyn - AZ Celebrity DJ 

Saturday, June 30, 2012


We are pleased to announce a fun new feature we are going to be doing once or twice a month and feature a few of our upcoming wedding and share a few things about them from the perspective of the bride. So with that said MEET ALICIA  & TOM - Wedding date  September 1st 2012

Alicia & Tom will be married in 63 days at THE WRIGHT HOUSE IN MESA, Arizona
They were engaged on September 12th 2011 at The Royal Palms in Phoenix , Arizona.

How They Met - They were set up on a blind date through friends- They have a wedding website that has the entire story -

Favorite Date - Learning how to drive a Viper

Favorite thing about Planning your wedding - The excitement of planning a celebration of love and commitment with the people who mean the most to you both. ( Alicia & Tom are really excited about the marriage part, the wedding part is just the icing on the cake)

I personally LOVE music , and I've Paid great attention to what songs Tom and I want to share with our guests, Songs that will resonate with people as individuals. but are also special to us.

Toms favorite part is the menu selection part. WE LOVE food. We are going with a live action pasta station. (Only because I declined his special request for a omelet station.) Our second entree is just as delicious as the first , but not quite as unique.

Planning Woes:  The stress that comes with fine tuning details , and the unexpected expenses that arise.


Decide upfront what your priorities are and be flexible with the rest. None of your guest know if the cake was made in the wrong flavor , or if your flowers were suppose to be yellow instead of orange.
The only thing that matters is that your event is a reflection of you and your fiance.

Hire people /companies you like and then leave it to them to do their job. They have all the experience , and will know how to make sure your event is a wonderful experience. ( We have really enjoyed working with Az Celebrity Dj !)

Undercut your budget by 20% so you can avoid the stress of unexpected expenses.

Finally Have FUN - Its all about celebrating and having a good time ! If you are having fun so will everyone else.

Wedding Colors - None
Wedding Style - Timeless
HoneyMoon - Carnival Cruise - South Caribbean
Wedding Cake  - Naked Cake - No Icing
Favors - Cds of Music from wedding
Borrowed - My sisters veil
Special Song -  Dave Matthew's cover of The Beatles  " In my Life" and All in by Lifehouse
Chicken Dance - - Either way , I don't particularly care for it , but other people do . ( Im pretty sure Tom is pro - Chicken Dance )

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


   Picture Provided By Justin Starr -  Social Grace Studios

   Dinner with a few of our friends from around various Wedding facilities last December 2011  !
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