Saturday, June 30, 2012


We are pleased to announce a fun new feature we are going to be doing once or twice a month and feature a few of our upcoming wedding and share a few things about them from the perspective of the bride. So with that said MEET ALICIA  & TOM - Wedding date  September 1st 2012

Alicia & Tom will be married in 63 days at THE WRIGHT HOUSE IN MESA, Arizona
They were engaged on September 12th 2011 at The Royal Palms in Phoenix , Arizona.

How They Met - They were set up on a blind date through friends- They have a wedding website that has the entire story -

Favorite Date - Learning how to drive a Viper

Favorite thing about Planning your wedding - The excitement of planning a celebration of love and commitment with the people who mean the most to you both. ( Alicia & Tom are really excited about the marriage part, the wedding part is just the icing on the cake)

I personally LOVE music , and I've Paid great attention to what songs Tom and I want to share with our guests, Songs that will resonate with people as individuals. but are also special to us.

Toms favorite part is the menu selection part. WE LOVE food. We are going with a live action pasta station. (Only because I declined his special request for a omelet station.) Our second entree is just as delicious as the first , but not quite as unique.

Planning Woes:  The stress that comes with fine tuning details , and the unexpected expenses that arise.


Decide upfront what your priorities are and be flexible with the rest. None of your guest know if the cake was made in the wrong flavor , or if your flowers were suppose to be yellow instead of orange.
The only thing that matters is that your event is a reflection of you and your fiance.

Hire people /companies you like and then leave it to them to do their job. They have all the experience , and will know how to make sure your event is a wonderful experience. ( We have really enjoyed working with Az Celebrity Dj !)

Undercut your budget by 20% so you can avoid the stress of unexpected expenses.

Finally Have FUN - Its all about celebrating and having a good time ! If you are having fun so will everyone else.

Wedding Colors - None
Wedding Style - Timeless
HoneyMoon - Carnival Cruise - South Caribbean
Wedding Cake  - Naked Cake - No Icing
Favors - Cds of Music from wedding
Borrowed - My sisters veil
Special Song -  Dave Matthew's cover of The Beatles  " In my Life" and All in by Lifehouse
Chicken Dance - - Either way , I don't particularly care for it , but other people do . ( Im pretty sure Tom is pro - Chicken Dance )

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